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The Agency of Corrections, Ministry of Justice held a competition seeking stickers against corruption “Against Corruption On Line Together”, where the national inmates were competing with their creation.

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  • Last updated:2021-07-23
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The Agency of Corrections, Ministry of Justice has just held a competition seeking stickers against corruption “Against Corruption On Line Together” recently to encourage the inmates to create stickers against corruption in a creative and innovative way and with corrective cultural characteristics by combining their life experiences from their perspective such as anti-corruption concepts that civil servants should decline gifts, lobbying and bribe, the prosecution channels against corruption and traditional dogmatic propagandas which encourage the prosecution of corruption, malfeasance and so on. Moreover, the competition helped to enhance the interaction between the inmates and policies against corruption in multiple ways. A total of 48 agencies of corrections around Taiwan provided 84 works to participate actively, and from which 30 outstanding works were selected after the rematches in the north, the central and the south. At the final, the top three works and five masterpieces were selected.

According to the Agency of Corrections, because of the active participation of the inmates, not only district rematches needed to be held but also the panel of judges was cross-district and cross-regional and consisted of professionals from Agencies of Corrections and Against Corruption, academic and research institutions, and other public and private sectors. Some judges commented that some works in this competition were rich in creativity. Although these works were hand-drawn, they were not inferior to the professional stickers and could serve as educational entertainment. If with digital marketing, such an activity could not only effectively deepen the public’s understanding of the national policies against corruption and agencies of corrections, but also create a high-quality image against corruption of the agencies of corrections. 8 high-quality stickers against corruption were selected for their corrective cultural characteristics. In addition to awards, prizes, these winning works will be optimized digitally to turn into multimedia digital stickers or be made into related peripheral anti-corruption promotional products, which can be multiple marketing promotion for the public.

In the past, the objects of the campaign against corruption used to be the general public or civil servants, but this time it was of special significance and creativity for aiming at the inmates of the agencies of corrections. The activity could strengthen the concept of integrity law and discipline by seeking stickers against corruption in order to promote the core value of integrity against corruption to break through the fence wall and geographical restrictions. Through the competition, the inmates can use their talent and creativity, which can enhance their participation, honor, and achievement so as to achieve the purpose of corrections and education of the inmates, and thus consolidate the consensus against corruption and the integrity of disciplines of the agencies of corrections.

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