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The Introduction of Agency of Corrections

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  • Last updated:2023-06-13
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        In the past, public do not fully understand the essence of crime correctional affairs and the real situation of internal prisons. Some of them even criticize or accuse the staffs for occasional incidents. The types of inmates are extremely complicated and the environments in prisons are special, which is liable to cause abuses. However, the principal issue is how to eliminate and improve these undesirable customs with the active and responsible attitudes. The current management measurement of the prison administration of our nation has been continually innovated and making progress whether in principles or concepts, and is also conformed to the requirements of the modern criminal policies. In order to make progress to the prison administration, it is necessary to advance the innovation and further change the public’s stereotype and the bad images of the prisons and therefore promote the correctional affairs smoothly.
        On the basis of governmental reorganization, the headquarters of the Department of Corrections adhere to the principle of trimming and streamlining the organization and has set up five interior offices including “Planning Division”, “Rehabilitation & counseling Division”, “Security & Supervision Division”, “Correctional Medical Service Division” and “Logistics & Resource Division” with total 151 regular staffs for operation. Although with the limited human resources and the loading of correctional affairs are getting heavier and wilder, the staffs still endeavor to make every link of correctional affairs connect seamlessly and make the public understand the achievements we have accomplished.
        The following is the introduction of the history and the organization of Agency of Corrections, wish you can understand more about the correctional practices of our nation.

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