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All Correctional Institutions Will Gradually Resume Rehabilitative Activities from June 1st

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  • Last updated:2020-06-03
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The Agency of Corrections, Ministry of Justice (MJAC) will relax the previous restrictions on inmates’ rehabilitative activities because Taiwan has kept the COVID-19 pandemic under control. From June 1st, all correctional institutions will gradually resume the following rehabilitative activities and programs:

  1. Juvenile facilities, such as Mingyang High School and Chengzheng High School, will continue to hire teachers and professionals from the specific fields, such as culinary course and automotive repair and maintenance course, as teaching assistants in the facilities.
  2. All institutions will resume individual consultation provided by volunteers, Taiwan After-Care Association, drug abuse prevention centers, and other professionals.
  3. The nursing programs will be continued for female prisoners who bring their children into the institutions, and these children will resume their kindergartens outside the institutions from June 1st. These institutions need to provide all children with masks.
  4. The facilities may resume small group activities:
    • The instructors of small group courses, such as alcohol and drug addiction treatments, family support, and pre-release preparation programs, shall remain no more than two people.
    • Art classes could be resumed instructed by one teacher.

However, all large group activities, including large-scale meetings or events, contact visitation, family days, study groups, religious activities, visits, and speeches, remain suspended.




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