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Taichung Women's Prison Expansion Complete

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  • Last updated:2019-03-20
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     The current site of Taichung Women's Prison was formerly the Taichung Prison penal labor site, the Taichung Prison Women's Minimum-Security branch, and surrounding farmland. The structures are of corrugated iron and reinforced brick, providing poor insulation from the summer heat and winter cold. Though ventilation for the corrugated iron structures was improved in June 2006, the renovated structures still proved no match for summer heat waves; the physical and mental health of the inmates, as well as the stability of the site, were severely affected. Areas 1 and 2 of the site were also separated by steep hills, affecting site security.


     On November 4, 2005, former Minister of Justice Shih Mao-lin said in a discussion on his visits to Taichung Women's Prison and Taichung Juvenile Detention House, "Planning and budget allocation must be conducted as soon as possible for improving the quality of life for the inmates and maintaining the security of the site." On March 16, 2006 and June 13, 2007, the Legislative Yuan's Judicial Committee also concluded after inspections of Taichung Women's Prison that the facilities and site require improvements. A medium- and long-term plan for the expansion of Taichung Women's Prison was therefore devised and approved by the Executive Yuan on November 19, 2007, in Yuan-tai-fa document no. 0960051863. The original budget was NT$596,241,000. After rapid rises in the price of steel, general consumer price increases, and a review of soil preservation measures during construction, the Executive Yuan approved a second revised plan on January 13, 2011 with a budget of NT$600,162,000. It was scheduled to take place January 2008 to December 2014; actual construction took place between March 1, 2011 and November 15, 2014.


     After construction was completed on the new buildings for Taichung Women's Prison, an exhibition of arts, crafts, and cuisine was held in coordination with the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the expansion on July 18, 2014. The delegation of government officials was led by Deputy Minister of Justice Chen Ming-tang and the Agency Director. Performances kicked off with a drum performance by Changhua Prison's percussion band, followed by fan dancing by Taichung Women's Prison, harmonica playing by students of Changhua Reform School, sand painting by Yilan Prison, Sichuan theater by Taichung Prison, and choir performances. In addition, 110 food products and craft items were showcased at the exhibition. The craft works shown included 103 selected pieces of lacquerware, ceramics, carvings, and sculptures that were shown at the event site. Apart from showcasing the outstanding results of arts and culture education, skill training, and arts promotion in corrections facilities, it also raised public awareness of these successes. Nearly 500 officials and guests participated in the ceremony, which went very smoothly.

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