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Minister of Justice Lo Presides Over the Change of Director Ceremony for Agency of Corrections

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     On April 1, 2015, the Agency of Corrections, Ministry of Justice, hosted its change of director ceremony at the main hall on 3F. Minister of Justice Lo Ying-hsueh personally presided over the transfer of authority's between Wu Shyan-chang, the first director of the Agency, and his successor Wu Man-ying. More than 300 people including administrative deputy minister Chen Ming-tang, the heads of 49 corrections facilities, other Corrections Agency employees as well as trainees from the prison officials and guards' classes gathered for the ceremony.


     Director Wu Shyan-chang started out as a low-level specialist in 1973 and rose through the ranks to become the warden at a number of prisons and the head of Department of Corrections. To thank him for his commitment and outstanding contributions to corrections, Minister Lo presented Wu with a Justice Professional Medal 2nd Class, Exceptional Service Medal and souvenirs to recognize the example he has set for corrective service personnel. The Minister not only affirmed the efforts of all Corrections personnel but also stated that the problems today is a product of history and encouraged everyone to stay strong in the face of external criticism. They must respond to such criticisms by learning and becoming stronger from setbacks; In order to solve the longstanding problems of over-crowding, worn-out facilities, manpower shortages and poor pay at corrections facilities, a proposal has also been sent to the Executive Yuan to convert two military prisons into two independent prisons and to expand three open branch prisons. This should increase effective capacity by more than 2,000 places by the end of the year. A request to hire 2,923 more security and correctional personnel over the next three years has also been submitted along with increases to professional stipends and a push for reasonable overtime pay.


     The Minister also recognized Wu Man-ying, the incoming director, for his honesty, sincerity, work ethic and total commitment to the work of corrections. His extensive experience as deputy warden of Taipei Detention Center, warden of Hualien Detention Center, head of Taiyuan Skill Training Institute, deputy director of Agency of Corrections and warden of Chiayi Prison meant he was well-qualified for this important responsibility and will undoubtedly break new ground in corrections.


     In his speech, Director Wu Shyan-chang expressed his gratitude to former Minister Wang Ching-feng, former Minister Tseng Yung-fu and Minister Lo for their unwavering support for correction services. He recalled many moments from his 14,802 days in the public service and said that these were his most treasured memories. Finally, he thanked his family and frontline corrections colleagues for their long-term sacrifices. They were the ones who finally brought stability and continuity to the development of the corrections facilities.


     Wu Man-ying, the incoming director, said that he will continue his predecessor's push to help inmates rediscover their self-confidence through arts and life education. He also encouraged all Corrections personnel to be innovative in their thinking and stay alert on crisis management. They must continue to improve their management techniques and enforce duty regulations to uphold the reputation and effectiveness of the corrections institution.

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