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Opening Ceremony for "Autumn Rain Pavilion" Public Art Installation and Landscaping Project

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  • Last updated:2019-03-20
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     The general public's enthusiasm for public art has continued unabated in recent years. Contemporary art is now more and more focused on its own interaction with people and with space, as well as the emotions and sensations it brings to people in addition to the visual element. Public art creates a community living experience, which is the concept driving the Agency's Autumn Rain Pavilion public art installation and landscaping project.


     The project took only 25 work days to complete, between August 28 and October 3, 2014. The official ribbon-cutting ceremony was held on October 9. The Agency was responsible for the project's overall design and materials procurement. In addition, the high-level craftsmanship of the Taipei Prison, Taoyuan Prison, Changhua Prison, and Penghu Prison are evident in the planning, composition, and furnishing of the site. The construction, design and workmanship of the ceramic items, and the horticultural plantings are all outstanding. For example, the beautiful ceramic work that depicts 66 white egrets in flight and the stacked frog sculptures that seem to be measuring the depth of the water are all highlights that strengthen the overall impression of the site. Unique craft techniques are used to turn stones and driftwood into elements of an extraordinary whole, which heightens the beauty of each individual part. The design of the project aims to provide both function and enjoyment. Not only is it a beautiful and attractive addition to the Agency, it will also be the best choice for Agency staff and guests to spend their leisurely moments.


     On the day of the ribbon-cutting, Minister of Justice Luo Ying-hsueh led Deputy Minister Tsai Bi-yu, Department of Planning Chief Chu Chia-chi, Administrative Enforcement Agency Director Chang Ching-yun, and Agency Against Corruption Director Lai Cheh-hsiung on a visit to the Agency. In her remarks, Minister Luo emphasized the government's guiding concept of solidarity in collaboration and enjoyment of work. Director Wu explained the story behind the name of the Autumn Rain Pavilion. He said that the rain of autumn will bring a wellspring of fortune and blessing. In addition to being a place to enjoy life's leisurely moments, he said, the project is also a display space for the most popular products from the workshops of the various corrections facilities. On display also is the gold logo for corrections workshops, which symbolizes the pursuit for excellence. The logo is part of the brand image for high-quality goods produced by these workshops, and it is the hope that a "behind-bars" economic miracle can be the result of the pursuit for outstanding quality.

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