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Art Exhibition Culture and Creation.Grand Opening of 2015 National Corrections Art and Operational Skills Training Exhibition

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     The opening ceremony of the 2015 National Corrections Art and Operational Skills Training Exhibition (Market) was held for 11 days in the 2nd floor of exhibition hall of Songshan Cultural and Creative Park in Taipei City since September 3rd. The ceremony was anchored by Luo Ying-shay, Minister of Ministry of Justice and celebrated by Vice President Wu.


     In the opening ceremony, Vice President Wu mentioned that the Agency of Corrections was established on January 1, 2011 by the Ministry of Justice and led our corrections step into a new era. With limited manpower, the Agency of Corrections kept promoting educational culture and skills training programs which obtained outstanding achievements. This exhibition presented exquisite and diversified works, showing the mental revolution of prisoners and appealing to all kinds of people to accept these rehabilitated people and make the society more peaceful. Minister Luo stated that correctional institutions not only produce popular self-made products, but work with private enterprises to offer tens of thousands of job opportunities. Though they are short in manpower and facilities, they are still successful in implementation of the rehabilitation program. It is expected that this activity can make us become more willing to help these rehabilitated people integrate to the society. To show the gratitude, care and attention of all societal circles toward correctional institutions’ education culture activities. To appreciate society groups’ charitable kindness, Vice President Wu presents the Appreciation Award to 12 kindhearted groups and individuals for recognition.


     The exhibition presents about 2000 art works, including calligraphy, drawing, art-crafts, micro-films, posters, festive lanterns, etc, showing the works of the correctional institutions in humanities and cultural arts. For example, the non-framework lantern techniques which has been disappeared for over 50 years, was rediscovered under the meticulous, continuous exploration and research of female prisoners. And original dolls were manually created by polymer clays in the Taiyuan Skills Training Center which highlighted national features with good technology and creative thinking.


     In addition, there are two experience areas for Decoupage French collage and creative bean collage, and many prisoners’ cultural and creative works were shown and sold in the exhibition. With pleasant warming, please come to visit this exhibition (sold only from September 3rd ~6th) in the Songshan Cultural and Creative Park in the Taipei City from September 3rd to 13th. Opening time: 9 am~17pm, on Monday to Friday and 9am ~18pm on weekends.

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