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[Happy Teamwork Vital Innovation] 2015 Team Play for Inmates of the Correctional Institution‘s Formation Transformation Contest 2016/3/9

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     To instill self-discipline and teamwork among inmates, and show the vital and healthy correction process to the outside world, the AOC of the Ministry of Justice specially held the “The Final Team Play for Inmates of the Correctional Institution ˙ Formation Transformation Contest” in Changhua Prison at 14:00 of Oct. 22, 2015 (Saturday), wherein nearly 300 inmates participate this contest, from 8 correctional institutions in Taiwan, And whose performance showed both the discipline and originality ofthemselves.


      The contest that had been prepared for half a year called on many institutions and individuals. It was the first contest in Taiwan of this scale based on the theme of Team Play, which was an innovative program by the AOC. The contest is expected to let the inmates learn to face their frustrations and develop themselves during the practice process, and integrate honor and discipline in daily life.


      Mrs. Lo, the Minister of the Ministry of Justice gave utmost recognition to the efforts and hard work of the employees in the correctional institutions, and encouraged the inmates to learn to get along with others and benefit from mutual trust and assistance through the contest. In this way, they can get through the obstacles and challenges which teach them how to face the ups and downs of life.


      After the preliminary rounds in the Northern, Central, Southern and Eastern regions, the 8 teams with good formations and creative idea entered the finals to compete for the championship. Each team did their best performance, including the costumes, stage props and delicate make-ups, and they marched in regular steps with quick and majestic music or sonorous commands. They changed the formation continuously, surprising the audience and thus received continuous applause. The contest fully showed the willpower and toughness of the inmates, and also displayed their core value of never giving up. Finally, Hualien Prison was recognized by the reviewers and was hailed as the champion with the performance that combined the aboriginal dances and costumes. Taipei Prison took the second place, followed by Yanwan Skill Training Institute and Chiayi Prison.


      As for the live performance of the event, you are welcome to access Video Zone, AOC or click the URL below to view. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f2c6AjI0fCI

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