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Chang Jung Christian University and Tainan Prison cooperate and provide courses for prisoners 2016/08/23

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In order to provide advanced studies for prisoners, Dr. Lee Yung-Lung, president of Chang Jung Christian University, and Tainan Prison warden Mr. Chen Jin-Feng, signed a letter of intent on the 23rd of August. Beginning mid-September, Chang Jung Christian University will offer specific credit courses for Tainan Prison inmates, a first for the Agency of Corrections in Taiwan. Directors and leaders of Chang Jung Christian University and Tainan Prison were present to witness the signing ceremony.

According to President Lee Yung-Lung, Chang Jung Christian University is a Christian University with more than 10,000 students and it is just five minutes away from Tainan Prison. In line with its vision of providing education, Chang Jung Christian University will be offering specific credit courses in Tainan Prison starting school year 2016. The university also plans to provide bachelor’ degree programs in life sciences and social sciences in the future. These credits are recognized by the Ministry of Education. Hopefully, these courses would help inmates pursue further studies and improve their employment opportunities after their release from prison.

President Lee Yung-Lung pointed out that the National Open University also offers educational courses in Chiayi Prison, but are text book-based. On the other hand, Chang Jung Christian University provides face to face instruction. The study program is focused on liberal studies courses like Chinese, English and the like. Given the social welfare function of the program, each credit costs only NTD 400 to encourage inmates to learn and to assist in correctional activities of the prison.

According to Warden Chen Jin-Feng, Tainan Prison currently has more than 3,300 prisoners, of whom 800 have finished high school and are qualified to enter college. A survey also showed that about 300 inmates are willing to pursue further education. As a result, Tainan Prison and Chang Jung Christian University have decided to offer credit courses. If the program becomes successful, there are also plans to provide bachelor’s degree programs. It would be beneficial to prisoners if they could earn higher qualifications while serving their sentences in prison.
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