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Merit-based staff and excellent instructors volunteer ceremony in 2017

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  • Last updated:2019-03-20
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In recognition of the staff of the correctional institutions for their excellent performance and their hardworking teaching volunteers, the Department of Justice, Department of Corrections, organized the "106 Personnel of Yearly Merit and Excellent Teaching Volunteer Award Presentation Ceremony" at the auditorium on the third floor of the Correctional Services Department on the afternoon of February 1, Invite all correctional agencies to select the best people, excellent teachers and their relatives and friends to attend recognition and blessing. The winners, whether straightening out their colleagues or instructing their volunteers, have long accumulated unselfish devotion to corrective work. As a result, they have accumulated many remarkable deeds and achievements. These moving experiences have been produced on the spot by a series of short films, Coupled with their emotional sharing, the whole ceremony revealed a warm and inviting atmosphere. Minister Qiu Qiu and Chen Ming-ming, vice-chancellor Ming Tong also took the opportunity to attend the ceremony. While addressing the speech, the minister affirmed the seriousness and intentions of the Department of Correctional Services in celebrating the event and encouraged correctional colleagues here to continue their dedication and hard work to the correctional institutions in order to build a harmonious society. The Director When Huang Juntang made his speech, he said that corrective organs are now facing many challenges. Special thanks go to everyone who has won awards and regrets, so that the rectification work will continue to move forward safely and steadily and the business will make further progress. Director Huang encouraged his colleagues to continue upholding the core values ​​of the Correctional Services Department - confidence, hope, true love and happiness, and their positions to show the significance and achievements of the rectification work. Finally, the Minister, Minister Chen, and Director Huang jointly invited winners, heads of award-winning organs and VIPs to make a perfect picture under a warm atmosphere.
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