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Correctional organs uphold Benevolence care, accelerate the trial of provisional parole on the eve of the Spring Festival

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  • Last updated:2019-03-20
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End of the year-end, the festive season, parents, family reunification is the highest hope in the heart of the prisoner's heart. In order to implement the benevolence and caring, the Correctional Services Department of the Ministry of Justice assisted in expediting the examination and parole, and contacted the prosecutorial office to issue an order of release as soon as possible so that the canals and other families could return to their families for a compensation and hugged their loved ones. Statistics There were 985 approved paroleers in December 106 and 1,029 in January 2017. Director Huang Chun Tang specifically instructed the Department and the correctional agencies to take the initiative to contact the public prosecutors' offices and to adjudge the court to adjudicate on parole delivery protection Relevant issues, so that they can be sent to the correctional authorities for release procedures. As of noon on February 13, release procedures have been completed, with a maximum of 163 persons in Taichung prisons, followed by 112 persons in Changhua Prison and 107 in Taipei Prison. Expectants who are granted permission to return to society on a parochial basis will be able to share their family members with their family members and will, under the inspiration of their relatives, maintain their good character and become law-abiding and good citizens.
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