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01 Never Stop Expanding Criminal Cooperation with Allies Taiwan and Tuvalu Signed Treaty on Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters 2023-06-08
02 Hsinchu District Court President Xu Cui Ling, Prosecutor Hong Song Biao, Judge Qiu Qiao Ning, Director He Meizhu of the Investigation and Protection Office led the 63rd learning judicial officer Xiong Xingyi of the Judicial Officer Academy of the Ministry of Justice to visit Mingyang Middle School and business exchange activities 2023-06-01
03 Department of Corrections Keelung Detention Center Use the public broadcasting system of each building to play dermatology-related health education videos 2023-05-22
04 Next-generation anti-fraud strategy guidelines, version 1.5 2023-05-18
05 Number of Inmates in Past five years 2023-05-11
06 1120417 Kinmen Prison, Agency of Corrections, Ministry of Justice and the Department of Social Work of National Quemoy University jointly conducted a visit 2023-05-01
07 Policy Objectives and Priorities of Ministry of Justice in 2022 2023-04-13
08 Striking Success on Judicial Cooperation Taiwan and Germany signed Mutual Legal Assistance Arrangement in Criminal Matters 2023-03-23
09 Taiwan-Switzerland Cooperation Milestone First Transfer of a Sentenced Person Successfully Completed 2022-09-16
10 News report of "unclear epidemic situation inside the corrective agency causes confirmed cases were unveiled after leaving there, frightening guards", is absolutely not true. We hereby make clarification to ensure correct understanding of the fact 2022-06-02
11 Taiwan FDA greenlights Moderna COVID-19 vaccine for children aged 6-11 2022-04-22
12 Please find our reply to a comment letter for the planning scheme of duty system that one of our corrective personnel submitted to the Minister's Mailbox 2022-04-15
13 Overview of inmates with offenses of drunk driving against public safety serving sentence during imprisonment 2022-03-23
14 Nationwide epidemic alert to remain at Level 2 from August 24 to September 6; CECC urges public to continue following epidemic prevention and control measures to protect health of community 2021-08-23
15 2021 June Inmate Chest X-ray Screening Tour. 2021-08-13
16 (Li Zhi High School)Our school organizes "Youth Growth Diary" Creative Poster Competition 2021-08-03
17 Considering the nationwide level 3 COVID-19 alert is to be extended, all correctional Institution visits will be suspended until July 26. 2021-07-19
18 The Agency of Corrections, Ministry of Justice held a competition seeking stickers against corruption “Against Corruption On Line Together”, where the national inmates were competing with their creation. 2021-07-07
19 CECC adjusts priority list of government-funded vaccination program, and correctional officers will be the fifth priority group to get immunized against COVID-19. 2021-06-17
20 Considering the nationwide level 3 COVID-19 alert is to be extended, all correctional Institution visits will be suspended until June 28. 2021-06-15
21 Considering the nationwide level 3 COVID-19 alert is to be extended, all correctional Institution visits will be suspended until June 14. 2021-05-28
22 Government-funded COVID-19 vaccine available to fifth and sixth priority groups on April 23 2021-04-26
23 Correctional Officers Will Be the Sixth Priority Group to Get Immunized against COVID-19 2021-03-10
24 Lunar New Year Edification and Education Activities in Correctional Institutions 2020-12-23
25 For multiple consecutive escape cases in minimum security prison overviewed by the Control Yuan, we have improved the selection mechanism and strengthened guarding measures. 2020-12-15
26 The drug progressive correction made further progress in the determination in practical observation and exhibition. 2020-12-11
27 The Ministry of Health and Welfare Has Published Three Propaganda regarding Mental Health Education for the COVID-19 Pandemic 2020-06-10
28 The Agency of Corrections, Ministry of Justice (MJAC) Will Resume the Academic Research Applications from June 1st 2020-06-10
29 All Correctional Institutions Will Gradually Resume Rehabilitative Activities from June 1st 2020-06-03
30 All Correctional Institutions Will Resume Visitation on Every First Sunday of the Month from June 2020-05-22
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